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Woman sit in living room with two men crouched beside, watched by standing man
Old man in green sweater sits in armchair behind dinner tray, attempting to light cigarette.
Man in burgundy suit sits in armchair eating apple.
Family sits in living room with dark wood walls and bright diffused light coming through large window.
Older man in checkered bathrobe stands clutching cane lectures son seated in armchair.
Seated man in red-spotted silk robe talks with seated woman in coat and gloves.
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The Homecoming

Stratford Festival

Cast & Creative

Harold Pinter
Jennifer Tarver
Set & Costume Designer
Leslie Frankish
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson
Sound Designer
Jesse Ash
Stage Manager
Julie Miles
  • Brian Dennehy
  • Stephen Ouimette
  • Aaron Krohn
  • Ian Lake
  • Cara Ricketts
  • Mike Shara
David Hou