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Uniformed schoolboys sit reading on chairs scattered on red fabric flooring.
White figures blurred in motion against blackboard walls.
Boy in spotlight heckled by scary clown figures standing on chairs.
Young couple sits in red fabric forest.
Ghoulish children wave from behind gravestones, lit by bright strips of light.
Uniformed schoolboys dance in a blur around red fabric stage.
Boy in blurred motion in graveyard with crescent moon behind.
Three girls in frocks conspire in clear glass forest.
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Spring Awakening

Canadian Stage

Cast & Creative

Frank Wedekind
Derek Goldby
Set & Costume Designer
Michael Levine
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson
  • Shaun Austin-Olsen
  • Susan Cox
  • Barbara Gordon
  • Hardee Lineman
  • George Merner
  • Richard Monette
  • Hans Engel
  • Kirsten Johnson
  • Niki Kemeny
  • Jon Magidsohn
  • Corin McFadden
  • Andrew Miller
  • and others
Michael Cooper