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Two uniformed men sit on steps in coloured light.
Crowd of uniformed men and white-gowned women with arms extended on tiled stage.
Two men sit on wicker chairs watched by two other men.
Bridal party descends curved staircase in warm light.
Couple embrace on stair landing while people watch from below.
Kneeling woman unpacks wicker hamper bathed in warm sunlight,
Older men laugh on stair landing, surrounded by dancing couples below.
Curved staircase on tiled empty stage with chairs, piano and palm trees.
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Much Ado About Nothing

Stratford Festival

Cast & Creative

William Shakespeare
Christopher Newton
Set & Costume Designer
Santo Loquasto
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson
Jonathan Monro
Sound Designer
Thomas Ryder Payne
Jane Johanson
Stage Manager
Bona Duncan
  • Ben Carlson
  • Deborah Hay
  • Richard Binsley
  • James Blendick
  • Juan Chioran
  • Bethany Jillard
  • Gareth Potter
  • Tyrone Savage
  • Wayne Best
  • Michael Blake
  • David Collins
  • Timothy D. Stickney
  • Carl J. Danielsen
  • Keith Dinicol
  • Victor Dolhai
  • Victor Ertmanis
  • Claire Lautier
  • Roy Lewis
  • Andrea Runge