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Woman in green dress stands in drawing room pointing gun at painted portrait, backlit by light streaming through curtained windows.
Woman in white silk gown lounges laughing on chaise with man in waistcoat standing beside.
Woman in white silk gown sits speaking with woman in brown suit dress on settee.
Woman in white silk gown surveys partially uncrated painted portrait beside standing lamp.
Bearded man in suit and blue tie stands holding manuscript.
Woman in green dress sits on chaise talking with suited man perched beside.
Distraught woman in black suit dress kneels on chaise reaching for spectacled man standing beside.
Woman in orange layered gown argues with bearded man in long coat, with green-dressed woman watching behind.
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Hedda Gabler

Hartford Stage

Cast & Creative

Henrik Ibsen
Adapted by
Jon Robin Baitz
From the translation by
Anne-Charlotte Hanes Harvey
Jennifer Tarver
Set Designer
Eugene Lee
Costume Designer
Fabio Toblini
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson
Composer & Sound Designer
Fitz Patton
Wig Designer
Tom Watson
Production Stage Manager
Katrina Lynn Olson
  • Roxanna Hope
  • Sam Redford
  • John Patrick Hayden
  • Kandis Chappell
  • Sara Topham
  • Thomas Jay Ryan
  • Anne O'Sullivan