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Four figures sit on stone steps with banquet bathed in warm light; servants in background.
Girl in red dress speaks to old man in white gown on shiny black floor; guards in Egyptian masks behind.
Roman leader lectures Egyptian boy, flanked by Egyptian queen in orange and company of Roman soldiers.
Roman leader and Egyptian queen laugh in warm light.
Golden statue of Anubis, brightly lit on shiny black stage.
Merchant in ornate costume mocks Roman soldier being chocked by woman on shiny black floor.
Man raises fist on stairs in from of red-cloaked Roman soldiers.
Old man in white robe stands starkly light in front of Sphinx.
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Caesar and Cleopatra

Stratford Festival

Cast & Creative

George Bernard Shaw
Des McAnuff
Set Designer
Robert Brill
Costume Designer
Paul Tazewell
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson
Music Composer
Rick Fox
Sound Designer
Jim Neil
Stage Manager
Dianne Woodrow
  • Christopher Plummer
  • Nikki M. James
  • Diane D'Aquila
  • Peter Donaldson
  • Timothy D. Stickney
  • Steven Sutcliffe
  • John Vickery
  • Roy Lewis
  • Gordon S. Miller
  • Wayne Best
  • Gareth Potter
  • Sophia Walker
  • André Sills
  • Ian Lake
  • David Collins
  • Paul Dunn
  • Brian Tree
  • Michelle Monteith
  • Jesse Aaron Dwyre
  • Aidan deSalaiz
David Hou