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Gold tiles frame transparent brick scrim, revealing angled brick wall behind.
Gold tiles frame warm-lit angled wall with knelling woman in straight-jacket and doctor seated behind.
Woman in straight jacket lies at foot of wall from which man and tree emerge from holes, doctor watches from behind.
Woman in white dress kneels backlit with giant, arms-outstretched shadow behind.
Bald man in lab coat clutches writhing woman in bright light, casting shadows behind.
Woman in straight jacket stands smiling in spotlight under gleaming full moon.
Woman in white clutches sickle over body of drowned man, lit by red light of glowing sun as doctor observes from top of wall.
Woman in white stands in projected green forest under gleaming moon, behind gold-tiled frame.
Shirtless man in suspenders reaches to brightly lit arm emerging from projected cottage.
Woman in white camisole sings to shrouded body on iron cot as white-sleeved arm reaches out from brick wall.
Woman in white clutches sickle over body of naked man, lit by shimmering red light overhead.
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Canadian Opera Company

Production history

  • Seattle Opera
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Geneva Opera
  • Edinburgh International Festival
  • Melbourne Festival
  • Hong Kong Arts Festival
  • Opéra de Québec
  • L'Opéra de Montréal
  • Edmonton Opera
  • Vancouver Opera

Cast & Creative

Arnold Schoenberg
Original Director
Robert Lepage
François Racine
Set & Costume Designer
Michael Levine
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson
Media Effects Designer
Laurie Shawn Borzovoy

Various performers over 20+ years

Michael Cooper