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Blurred figures dance in front of bald giant's head and torso.
Red monkey dancer emerges from forehead of bald giant, trailing red fabric.
Three blue-garbed dancers with yellow spine spikes hold hands.
Four dancers in shiny leotards and spinning top sombreros leap against dark background.
Three blue-garbed dancers with yellow spine spikes gyrate against brightly coloured geometric background.
Dancer in red leotard and pointy hat leaps with red balloon in front of ominous snake head against red sky.
Dancer in yellow leotard pierced by large red thorns is held aloft by cactus people.
Three dancers hide behind spinning red-topped sombreros in front of blurred figures against red and black background.
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Blue Snake

National Ballet of Canada


Ahmed Hassan & John Lang
Concept & Choreographer
Robert Desrosiers
Set & Costume Designer
Jerrard Smith
Lighting Designer
Robert Thomson